Sunday, 3 December 2017


We all know what today is. Well if you don't know, it is a day set aside to celebrate and promote the well-being of persons living with disabilities in all spheres of life and all over the world. It also a day to increase awareness on the challenges and struggles faced in economic, social, cultural and political sphere. 

To commemorate today, here is a little something for you below: 
Never let ANYONE or ANYTHING define you. When I realized at age 6 that I had a disability and would live with it for the rest of my life, I was confused, I didn't understand because at home, I was a normal happy kid who was just like everyone else.
People pointed my disability to me and then the bullying started pouring in. I thought I would never lead a normal life. I wondered how I was going to cope in a "perfect" world. 
As I grew older, I realized that just because I look different doesn't mean I can't have a good life. I decided to live a good life regardless of my looks, background or circumstances.

I decided to be more grateful and appreciative of the things I have and the things I can do focusing less on the things I can't do.
When people say I'm strong, I smile because I know that "My strength does not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself back up each and every time I fall"
What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!

Friday, 24 November 2017


"A good half of living is resilience"

Traumatic events can be opportunities for us to grow in strength and kindness. You too can learn from your hardships, frustrations and disappointments to become a better you, become resilient and also help others who are struggling. It is freeing to let go of your numbing inadequacies and helplessness. 

Resilience is the capacity or ability to recover from adversity, toughness and difficulties readily. Isolation and withdrawal happens as a result of individuals trying to avoid disappointments, escaping pain and fears and not believing enough in themselves. We become disconnected and isolated when we do not have the ability to cope with uncertainties, being vulnerable and taking risk automatically becomes a problem.

Isn't it amazing to see people bounce back from life's uncertainties, multiple crises, trauma, fear losses and pain? I'm often left in awe at the level people go not to remain broken, shattered and down. Watching the blossoming of inner strength that shines through people even in their difficult times is wonderful. The power to organize the buzzing confusion and chaos life throws at us sometimes is divine. Indeed the human spirit is a fighter.   

No matter where you are in your journey, the good news is that resilience can be developed. In order to deal with uncomfortable emotions and feelings, our numbing fears and pain, we can develop lasting healthy skills and coping strategies.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017



That's a very long Hi abi? Any way, Today I want to talk about body image wahala lol. You see this photo right here, this was taken back in 2012. I was paid to go to one of the best schools in the world, lived in one of the best apartment in the city center with a beautiful view, I had my own money such that I could buy whatever I wanted, travel and do other stuff. I was working and had love in my life. I was living the life some people my age at the time only dream of. BUT! it was one of the lowest and saddest time of my life. 

I was depressed, sad and I was eating myself to death (comfort eating .... food addiction) whatever you call it lol. Before I got this big, I didn't know how big I had gotten until I posted a photo of mine on Face-book and people started trolling me saying all sorts of things without considering that something might be wrong with me. See people don't really care. They see you in person or in pictures, body shame you, say what they want to say and leave you hurting for a long time. Save yourself darling pay no attention.

You see, my dad was sick. very sick and my family were keeping details away from me, I was lonely, home sick and my grades were dropping rapidly and to make matters worse, it was difficult for me to confide in anyone around confidently about how I was feeling inside. So I ran to food like a lot of us do and made food my best friend because she made me sane and happy.

Monday, 13 November 2017


An uncle of mine told me to go and get a law degree recently when I told him I am going back to get an MSc. Of course he doesn't mean any harm at the end of the day, he wants the best for his niece. I have met a lot of people who often think of me as a lawyer and I really don't know why. Abeg my people epp me dem dey write lawyer for person face?

I already knew what and who I wanted to become at a very young age but the only problem then was that I didn't have a title or name for it. I love the law profession don't get me wrong but it is not for everyone. I have dunk my feet into the legal profession before but it didn't sit right with me sorry. 
So what is it that you do Sharon?

Friday, 10 November 2017


A lot of things we do not know nor get to see happen at the background before the sun rises. We only get to see the beauty around us when the sun comes out. During the night time or the dark stage, so many things happen in our lives that most people around us don't get to see. The feeling on loneliness starts to get to you to the point where you begin to feel like there is no head way out of the situation. It could be in business, relationship, career, family etc.

During this times, it is very important to find something in every single day to make you smile. Find something positive to exchange your negative energy with. Somedays, it can appear a little harder to find but there is ALWAYS something and they as little as they are, are the tings that gets you through the tough times.

Beautiful flowers we see grow from the darkest of places this also applies to some of the strongest people on earth, they come from the hardest places of struggle. When you think you are being buried, you are actually being planted. It is an opportunity for you to take root, gain ground and grow for whatever for you end up taking, is dependent on your root.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017



So I googled myself and look what I found??? A picture of myself! Yep. 
I remember going on naija pals back in 2011 when I was in the UK. I signed up there just to be close to home ... watching Nigerian movies, music and news. However, I don't remember using my photo tho but hey I found my picture there, no bad news about me so I'm feeling good. **Smiles**

How are you feeling guy's? No really, I want to know how you are feeling because I just want to know and because it is November. The year is winding down and usually people will begin to take stuck of things.... how the year has been so far for them, their growth process, checking and scrutinizing the ultimate list etc. Some even go as far as feeling unaccomplished just because they were not able to check all the boxes on their list.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Helpers are everywhere indeed the only problem sometimes is that we have either lost faith in humanity, lack trust or that e don't just see it. On my way to work, most days, I often see a young boy carrying his younger sibling with disability on his back to school. I am very sure he does this every single school day. How long is he going  to do this for? Will he put a pause on his on life, career and ambitions for life just to care for his brother? 

When I just started school as a child, my parents did carry me to school and bring me back every school day however, they stopped at some point when they found out that it was becoming too tasking. At the time, my parents never had any vehicle so carry me was beginning to way my parents down ( I was very plummpy and weighty) besides, my had to go to work and my my mum had to take care of other things ( siblings and business) so you see?
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