Monday, 24 April 2017


"When you feel my presence I will live within your soul and consciousness" _SharonIfeoma

The presence of something or someone in our lives has aura, emotion, power and energy that comes with it. everything in this world has energy and that includes inanimate objects. All you need to do is to pay close attention to your feelings and the aura that comes from what draws your attention. 

As an observer, you will be amazed and fascinated at how much information and knowledge you ignore just because you choose not to see beyond what is visible to your eyes and feel the presence and energy a person brings.

I have chosen to re-write my narrative and help others with disability tell their stories as should be told and to help make their presence felt through the things I do. 

Persons With Disabilities are beginning to find their voices and making it heard through their gifts and passion. You now find Musicians with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, Designers with speech defects, on wheelchairs, facial disfigurement ..... Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Artist professionals in various fields of life with different forms of disabilities changing the game in various industries, making their presence felt in more ways than before because it will be a disservice to the disable community if we keep hiding away and letting things go down south. 

Friday, 7 April 2017


Our eyes are in front and not behind for a reason. It is much more important to look ahead than to look back. Do not dwell on the things in the past. Learn from them and keep moving forward. -Unknown

No matter where you've been, mistakes made and no matter what you think have gone wrong in your life, keep walking because so many good things are coming your way.

Life is full of ups and downs just like it is full of possibilities. Be curious about the good things that will happen to you soon....... See there's light ..... I can see it and I know you too can.

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Monday, 3 April 2017


Parenting a child with disability requires special consideration and attention at every stage of life – from infancy through childhood, adolescence and even into adulthood. It is always a challenge for parents to strike a balance between providing all round support, care and fostering independence for their child. To give children with hearing impairment, autism, visual impairment, paralysis, cerebral palsy etc. a comfortable life, parents should critically learn, analyse and study how their child’s development and response differs from children without disabilities.    
It is difficult on a normal day to look after another individual talk less of one with any form of disability. Parents especially mums are sent into a long spiral period of grief and confusion when they get told by a doctor that their child has a disability. From the moment the child is diagnosed, parents begin to worry on how they will begin to care for their child. At every stage of the child’s life, it will appear like you are starting to learn and rediscover your child again.
Teenage hood brings with it added pressure as a lot of parents are confused on how to better handle their child at this stage. It is also difficult for the child because this stage is very key in the development process of the child as he/she want to find themselves and become their own individual without the constant presence and interference of their parents. At this stage, teenagers with disability question everything going on in their body. They want to know why they are different, feel different, look different and behave differently from kids their age. Remember, the brain of teenager’s process information differently from when they were kids so it is a constant battle trying to find themselves.
Disability significantly impact on teenager’s emotional, psychological, physical and mental well-being because disability in itself carry a lot of social stigma that manifest into behavioral issues, low self-esteem and depression.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Change always happen in life but change isn't the best or easiest thing to deal with in life. It is however, more important to focus on what's best for you in any given circumstance. Having said that, coming to terms with a disability or illness as an individual or a parent is not easy. The change whether sever or mild can take a toll on the individual's live and that of the people surrounding them. 

When an individual who seems to have it all going well for them. Great family, job, friends, business, dreams and aspirations, career, great life etc. become ill or have been in an accident that changed their lives completely, a lot of things can go wrong. Here, the individuals experience physically and emotionally will affect everyone around him/her. It will affect the core of how the individuals being, his/her family, and the way everything will function.

Friday, 17 March 2017


You do have a disability don't you? I queried. Me? God forbid bad thing I am not disabled oo she replied. I wasn't going to let go because I had watched her previously on different occasions struggle to lift stuff off the ground. I asked we sit over drinks and have a chat and she obliged. 

On the day, we talked over drinks and she opened up to me about her chronic back pain. The pain was diagnosed over 5 years ago and she has been taken medications for it. she goes for medical checks once in a while. 

Ada knows that something is not right in her body, she is very much aware of the limitations her pain she faces when working however, she has refused to acknowledge that she lives with a disability. According to Ada, she doesn't look it and no body would believe her if she mentions it. 

Invincible disabilities or hidden disabilities are real. These kind of disabilities are not immediately apparent. the kind that society has refused to acknowledge it's presence in an individuals body and it'd debilitating effects on the individual.

Monday, 6 March 2017


Hey guys,
Today I'll be talking about unexpected realities of persons with disabilities live with.

As much as we have lots of myths and misconceptions that are not necessarily true about persons with disabilities, Persons with disabilities live with certain realities people generally do not pay attention to.

People take for granted the little privileges of doing certain basic things for themselves because they feel it 'normal' to ordinarily do those things.

I am dressed to go out but here I am seated, hands on my chin because I am painting a mental picture of how my day would go and most importantly, how I will overcome the barriers that I'm yet to face.

Lets start with my prep stage:

Friday, 20 January 2017


Hey guys?

'Wonderful things starts to take place when we are in a state of appreciation and thanksgiving'. Pondering on this statement makes me remember a lot of things in my life and certain levels I went through in 2016.

You see, life is filled with loads of what I would like to call 'evidential facts' (It's not in your dictionary) basically they are facts that comes with some form of evidence ..... the type that waves at you to say look, I'm here!!! They come so real that you can't get them out of your head.

Evidence that says oh you are lonely ... you got no man/woman to love, your bank account is in red, you don't have a job ....... I know that these are facts to life but I also know that what you believe about those facts and how you choose to act on it is totally up to you. Again, your response and interpretation to the issues of life that happens you, is very important.
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