Wednesday, 31 May 2017


People especially adults often get told to ‘snap out of it’ …. This is easier said than done. We forget that it is extremely frustrating and difficult when an individual cannot fully control how they feel. This is not to say that people who are depressed can’t see any good in their lives or are always sad. It just highlights how bad and dangerous depression can be. Depression is a whisperer. It tells you everything you are not doing right, it magnifies your mistakes and short comings, gives you tons of reasons to be by yourself and to shot people out……. Most times, the voice in your head over powers you to the point where you begin to listen and give in it what it say.

Depression is a mental health illness and sufferers often don’t reach out to get much needed help because they feel they don’t need the help anyway or that it makes them look like they are begging for attention and reassurance. Having suffered from depression myself, I can tell you that seeking help on time doesn’t make you a weak person. In fact, it takes a very courageous person to seek and accept help.

Being in the state of depression is hard for any sufferer because things that seem logical to others unfortunately aren’t all logical to anyone suffering from depression. Hmmm I remember when I was suffering from depression, I just imagined everything and everybody were just unreal when I was at my worst.

So why I’m I discussing depression now?

I found a child suffering from depression. I approached her parents and shared my personal observation with them about their child and to my surprise; they confirmed it and took things really well. They asked for my help and together, we were able to help the child come out of it. It took a little while but we did it in the end.
Depression is no respecter of persons. The old, young, rich, poor, influential …… can fall into depression especially with the state of or economy today.
I advise that we be one another’s keeper. Loving, sharing and reaching out to others more often as we can.  
When we reach out more, the whispers of depression will be silenced because ‘perfect love cast away fear…… 

Hugs … Kisses … Sharonxxx

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