Monday, 24 April 2017


"When you feel my presence I will live within your soul and consciousness" _SharonIfeoma

The presence of something or someone in our lives has aura, emotion, power and energy that comes with it. everything in this world has energy and that includes inanimate objects. All you need to do is to pay close attention to your feelings and the aura that comes from what draws your attention. 

As an observer, you will be amazed and fascinated at how much information and knowledge you ignore just because you choose not to see beyond what is visible to your eyes and feel the presence and energy a person brings.

I have chosen to re-write my narrative and help others with disability tell their stories as should be told and to help make their presence felt through the things I do. 

Persons With Disabilities are beginning to find their voices and making it heard through their gifts and passion. You now find Musicians with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, Designers with speech defects, on wheelchairs, facial disfigurement ..... Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Artist professionals in various fields of life with different forms of disabilities changing the game in various industries, making their presence felt in more ways than before because it will be a disservice to the disable community if we keep hiding away and letting things go down south. 

The media and people who have not walked in our shoes have over the years told our stories for us, but all that is changing because their stories of us kept painting us black. We are taking back the authority by sharing our stories and experiences ourselves and to help create more awareness and bring to peoples consciousness the difference and diversity life brings. 

Most of us work really hard to put food on our tables and contribute to the economy of our countries. We are very productive both in mind and action. We want to be visible to our government, organizations and institutions across the world and we want out presence felt in a positive way and not to be seen as a charity case. 

What can you do to make your presence felt? 

Your presence can only be felt if you bring your ideas to light. If you are creative with your experiences .... Our experience when shared and told in our very own narrative by us can cause a revolution and influence the way things are done in our society. 

I am not defined by my disability it is only a part of who I am. There is so much more about me that can only be felt and seen through the things I say, through my personal story and through my works. 

My presence shouldn't hurt anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. It's just a disability not a an infection or a communicable disease therefore, I have chosen to teach people how to speak to me, act around me and to respect me because it is my human right. 

I am committed to making my presence felt in the most positive manner. I am more than the image my physical outlook project.

My name is Sharon Ifeoma, I am Corporate Trainer, a polio survivor who is helping individuals and families dealing with disability.

How have you made your presence felt?


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