Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Hey guys!!!

Drum roll ***** June is here!!! I *donbulivit* lol 

WOW! just like yesterday when we all screamed 'happy new year' June the sixth month of the year is officially here. So how are you feeling about June being here? Did he show up too early for you? Should June have waited a little longer? Are the things, dreams, goals etc. you set to achieve before June comes here yet??????? 

Listen man!!!! you honestly do not have to have it all show up as planned you know why? You are still here. I know you might be a little behind schedule with plans and stuff but hey!, You've got breath in you remember?, a new day to embrace and guess what, opportunities and possibilities abound.

Have a fresh expectation and embrace the new month and remember that all things are possible and above all, all things are your's no matter the month, time or season. It will all come together if you believe. Don't forget that time and chance happen to us all.

May time and chance happen to you this month. Amen.

Happy new month.



  1. Happy June Sharon of Destiny! Blessing upon Blessings Nne! xx

  2. Happy June Duru. Hope you are doing good.



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